Suggested Reading
Forests Forever discusses how we
can learn what can be done to
restore, protect the complex issues
surrounding forest ecology, policies
and conservation. Berger also
evaluates the governments policies
over the past decade
Charging Ahead, focuses
on the business of
renewable energy,
including case studies
which follow businesses
in their effort to make
renewable energy  
profitable and
competitive with fossil
Understand the issues
behind biological diversity,
and the question of why
some people care so much
little.  This book will help
you look beyond the
buzzwords" and think
critically about the value
of conservation
; from the
perspectives of biology,
anthropology, economics,
and philosophy.
The Humanure Handbook is a
"must read" for anyone who
believes the once "flushed" and
safe.  This book shows how crazy
it is to use our precious resource
of water to manage "humanure".
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