Frequently Asked Questions
by Customers and Potential Customers:
Q:  What is the electrical usage of the Perfect Privy Toilet?

A:  The only electrical usage on this unit is a small fan, which draws air through the toilet and vents it outside.  
This aids the
composting process, and helps keep the air in the restroom odor free.  Since the urine and solids are
kept separate, there is no need for a heating unit, with a potentially large electrical consumption.  

This fan is about the size of a small computer fan.  It is 12 volts and draws .07 amps (.84 watts) per hour.  This
equates to 20.17 watt/hours per 24 hour period.

There is always the option of installing a solar powered mushroom vent, to eliminate the need to draw off any
other energy source.
Q:  I've installed the Perfect Privy Compost Toilet, but I'm smelling an odor after usage.  How is this

A:  When an odor issue occurs, it may be the result of: a) not enough COIR or peat moss being used; or b)  COIR
or peat moss not being hydrated enough. c) obstructed ventilation.

The COIR or peat moss (Sphagnum) must be moisturized with water before placing it into the Perfect Privy toilet.  
Without moisture (or enough moisture), the COIR/peat moss does not desiccate the waste, aid the composting, or
absorb the odors.  The COIR/peat moss must be crumbly and moist, not wet and soupy.  

1 1/2  - 2 gal. of pre-moistened COIR/peat moss must be added to the toilet.  Any less, and you may have odor

Regarding ventilation, make sure that you do not have to many bends or turns in the exhaust pipe.  Each bend
reduces the fans ability to move the proper volume of air through the unit.
Q:  I've heard that peat moss (Sphagnum) is a non-renewable product.  Is there an alternative "starter"
which can be used effectively?

A:  Sphagnum Peat is largely a non-renewable product.  Although there are several sources that harvest the
product in a manner which does not destroy the bogs in which the peat grows, much of the product is harvested out
of the bogs and not replaced.

The alternative to Sphagnum is COIR, which is a cocoa peat (coconut fiber).  It is manufactured from the
dehydrated husks of coconuts.  It is a renewable source since only the fruit of the palm tree is harvested; not the
entire plant as is the case with Sphagnum.

For those who have "storage limitations" (i.e. boats, RV's) we offer COIR bricks for sale on our website.

For more on the differences between COIR and Sphagnum, click on Compost Toilet Discussion Group.
Q:  Do you ship the Perfect Privy Compost Toilet internationally?

A:  Absolutely.  Please call or email us for shipping information and pricing.   We can also communicate via text, or
verbally through Yahoo Messenger and Skype.
Q:  I'm in a foreign country where neither peat moss (Sphagnum) or COIR is available.  What else can I
use as a "starter" for the Perfect Privy compost toilet?

A:  An alternative is sawdust.  Make sure that the sawdust is not made with wood that has been chemically treated.
Q:  The compost bin is to "wet", what is the issue?

A:  The answer can be one of several things:

1) You may have started with your "starter" (i.e. peat moss or COIR) too wet.  If this was the issue, you need to add
some additional "starter" to absorb the extra water.

2) We've run into situations where guests, or young children, open up the lid covering the compost unit, and pee
directly into the compost bin instead of allowing the urine separate into its own container.  If this has been the case,
you'll need to empty the compost bin and start over.

3) There is always the chance (very slight) that your Perfect Privy Compost Toilet was not assembled properly, and
the urine is leaking into the compost section.  To test for this, remove the top portion of the compost unit from the
bottom, take it outside and pour water into the area you would urinate.  If the water is pouring out of an area other
than the spout which connects to the urine bottle, you have a defective unit.  Please contact us and we will remedy
the situation.
Q:  How does the urine separate from the feces in the Perfect Privy Compost Toilet?

A:  Gravity, my friend, gravity.

The Perfect Privy Compost Toilet is thoughtfully molded in a manner where the urine flows
naturally to the bottom of the bowl, into the urine tube, then into the urine bottle.  The
molding of the bowl is such that (as long as person positions themselves correctly), the
feces remain in the bowl until the trap door to the compost bin is opened.  When the trap
door is opened, the feces falls into the compost bin.

For those who like to keep things as “clean” as possible, there are alternative options of
discharging into the compost bin:

1) You can insert a coffee filter to capture the feces, and it falls into the compost bin w/
the feces inside when the trap door is opened.  

2) Urinate first, then open the trap door and allow the feces to fall directly into the compost
bin; thus eliminating the extra “filler” of the coffee filters.
Natures Head self contained odorless compost toilet
Help!  Deposits are collecting inside the urine bottle.  What are they and what do I do?

First, let’s see what’s in urine….  
Urine is normally 95% water, 2.5% urea, and 2.5% is a mixture of minerals, salts, hormones, and enzymes. It is not a
toxic waste product. Urine is a blood byproduct and though it contains some body waste, it is non-toxic

Urinating is the body’s way of discharging that waste from the body.  The more acidic you are, the more waste will be
dissolved in the water.  The urine is discharged at body temperature of approximately 99 degrees Fahrenheit.  Why is
that important to remember??.... because as the urine cools, the minerals precipitate out of solution and deposit on
the walls of the container.  These byproducts will, over time, accumulate into a noticeable crystalline plaque in the
urine bottle.

An easy way to maintain a plaque free urine bottle is to empty a liter of Coke (or a similar product) into the bottle.  
One of the primary ingredients in Coke - phosphoric acid – along with the sugar will dissolve the plaque.  Alternately,
you can use a liter of a flavored soft drink…. There you would be looking for the ingredient – Citric Acid.  It also will
dissolve the plaque.  I have used a grapefruit flavored soft drink as it gives a pleasant aroma when you’re done.

Just pour it in….. slowly…. as there will be a chemical reaction which will cause an immediate release of carbon
dioxide.  Let it sit for a bit, gently slosh the contents around, and the deposits should dissolve and empty out with
the Coke.  If any plaque remains, it’s probably due to the fact that there were not enough of the neutralizing agents,
so do it again. This simple, inexpensive procedure, should help you maintain a plaque free urine bottle.
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