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No Plumbing, No Water!
The Perfect Privy Compost Toilet is called  waterless because it uses
no water for flushing.

That’s right; there is no plumbing attached to this toilet! This is one
of the reason's for its exceptional capacity.

High Capacity!
Because the liquids are not mixed with the solid wastes, you get an
exceptional amount of uses before you need to empty the solids

For example; a couple using their boat or RV on the weekends may
go an entire summer without having to empty the solid’s tank. The
front liquid tank is approximately 2.2 gallons and will need to be
emptied more frequently.

No Pump-Outs, No Porta-Potties to Empty!
Unlike conventional toilets, the longer you let a composting toilet sit,
the more it dissipates and the better it smells. No more having to deal
pump-outs or smelly porta-potties at the end of your long
weekend! The longer a composting toilet sits, the more time it has to
do its job.

Completely Organic!
The Perfect Privy Compost Toilet is completely organic in that it has
no smelly or hazardous chemicals.

The only thing you have to add to this toilet is
COIR or peat moss.
The COIR or peat moss actually works to break down the solid
wastes and turn them into fertilizer or compost.

Easy Installation!
Easy to install; the unit attach's to the floor with two small L
brackets. There is one ventilation hose to run outside, and one 12
volt power hook-up for a small high-efficiency fan. The unit can be  
self-contained by using a solar powered mushroom vent  
(Please see the
installation instructions for additional information)

Our toilet is very economical to operate; there are NO chemicals to
buy.  A bale of peat moss has lasted some users more than two
years; and COIR Bricks are lightweight and easy to store.

Easy Empty!
When it’s time to empty your liquid bottle, simply flip the two latches
on the sides and lift the upper section up a few inches. Put the lid on
the liquid bottle and lift it out of its holder.

To empty the main tank unhook the 12 volt power connector and the
vent hose and then slide the upper section off its open ended hinge.
Undo the 2 thumb screws on the base and it’s ready to empty.

Because there are no liquids in the main tank, even full it is never
heavy. The unit is sized so that a kitchen garbage bag will go over
the end of the main tank. Simply flip it over and you’re done. There is
no need to clean the tank when you empty it, any left-over matter will
help start the composting process all over again.

No Odors!
Because the Perfect Privy Compost Toilet separates the liquids from
the solids, it doesn’t smell bad. It’s when you mix the urine and the
solids that you get the  toxicity and really bad odors associated with

When working properly the toilet will have a slight earthy smell (it's
compost!) when you open it..
Natures Head self contained odorless compost toilet
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    What sets the Perfect
    Privy apart?
                  * * *
    It's ODORLESS!!!

    Proudly made in the USA

    All stainless hardware

    Full size elongated seat for comfort

    Disassembles in seconds for emptying

    Composting handle can be mounted on
    either side

    Vent hose and fan may be mounted on
    either side

    Unit comes with everything for your
    installation but the external vent

    Molded in toilet seat for safety and ease
    of cleaning.

    Completely self-contained and portable.

    Fully supported liquid tank for
    applications where it extends beyond
    mounting pedestal

    Opaque liquid tank allows for easy
    visual capacity inspection.

    Rear of main tank is cut-out for bulkhead
    clearance on some boats.


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