The Yahoo Discussion Group,
Compost-Toilet_Info, is hosted by

This is an open discussion group to
exchange information and ideas on the
subjects of "humanure" and the place
composting toilets should have in our
The Yahoo Discussion Group, Sustainable
Community is "about creating a sustainable
way of life in Intentional Villages and
EcoVillages around the world; from building
passive solar homes to using solar, wind,
and hydro to power them, and raising our
children in a clean and renewable manner".
The Yahoo Discussion Group, Liveaboards, is a forum for "liveaboards"
on boats (and "wanna be's") about what works, and what doesn't. It is a
place to share and learn creative ways to do more, with less.  

Topics include:  boat repair, reconstruction, insurance, sailing/boating
experiences, children and pets aboard, cooking, engine repair and
maintenance, interior design, mold problems, communications, having an
office on board, etc.... or anything else pertaining to the live-aboard
The allowsolutions.storeblogs.com is moderated by
Allow Solutions.  

It is one way we "give back to the community" by providing
information which will help individuals to ALLOW themselves to
live balanced lives, serve their community, and live in an
environmentally responsible manner.
Allow Solutions
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