AlkaLife Alkaline Booster Drops
Benefits of AlkaLife®
The foods that we eat give us energy by oxidizing; if
our body cannot get rid of all the waste it produces, it
is accumulated somewhere in the body.  This
accumulation of non-disposed acidic waste is what
causes aging.  Some examples of solidified waste are
cholesterol, fatty acid, uric acid kidney stones, urates,
sulfates, and phosphates.  

The best way to neutralize and get these wastes out of
our body is to drink alkaline water.
Alkaline Drinking Water

AlkaLife®, gives you the convenience of alkaline
water while your away from home and your  
water maker

In order to get optimum health benefits, one should
drink 5 glasses of high pH alkaline water daily
distributed as evenly as possible throughout the day.  

By carrying an AlkaLife® bottle around, one can drink
alkaline water anytime and anywhere! A 1.25 oz.
bottle can be conveniently carried.
It is not recommended to use blood thinners in conjunction with this product.
Caution:  We recommend that you do not place the AlkaLife® bottle
next to any eye drop bottles, thus mistakenly putting AlkaLife drops in
your eyes.

If contact does occur, immediately flush throughly for about 20
minutes.  If pain persists, please go to the nearest emergency room
for professional care.
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