Distributing products which promote:
                 Individual Solutions
                 Indoor Solutions
                Outdoor Solutions
This is a home-grown business that is the out-growth of my desire to achieve
and maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.  Additionally, it supports my  
healing work.

Our desire for "external" comfort and efficiency is guided by our "internal"
energy force.... which is commonly called our "Spirit".

I believe that listening to "The Spirit" within is what creates the desire in an
individual to live a
balanced life; spiritually, emotionally and physically which
translates into action, for ones self, ones community, and for our

I believe each individual must take responsibility in an
conscientious fashion
; and choose to live in a manner which promotes his/her
well-being; emotionally and physically.

Allow Solutions is here to serve all who are actively seeking this way of life,
and those who have already elected to live and enjoy "alternative lifestyles";
i.e. cruisers, RV'ers, living "off the grid", etc.  I want to help you incorporate
individual wellness, service to your community, and "green" choices into your
daily life.  

The products I choose to distribute provide value, are high quality, and
whenever possible,

I am happy to answer any questions regarding the products themselves, the
companies we represent, or any installation questions.  I am here to be of

Have suggestions for products that fit our theme?  Please let me know.

Just give me a call at 541-310-2232 or send me an email at


Gerard Coté, President, CVO
About Us
One of the ways we provide service is by posting information on how to
ALLOW balance within your life at
Allowing Environmental and Individual Wellness.

We believe in "giving back" to our community (our community is "global" in
nature) and are committed to helping some non-profit groups who are
involved with youth leadership, ecological, and cultural development.
Providing choices which ALLOW you the best SOLUTIONS
Gerard Coté, Chief Visionary Officer
and the Mamoni
Valley Preserve,
***International Shipping Available***
Allow Solutions