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Introducing a Water Filter system that is Green, Efficient and does NOT waste a drop of water
About the Aqua-Mizer

Finally, an efficient way to get clean, natural water without  layers of mechanical processing and delivery
steps that require electricity and expensive replacement filters.

    The Aqua-Mizer uses 3 proven and reliable state-of-the-art water filtration cartridges all
    neatly packaged in this 3 canister filter set:  a high quality pleated synthetic washable, reusable 5
    micron sediment filter; a 5 micron carbon block filter; and a .9 micron washable, reusable ceramic
    filter.  These filters provide you with extended replacement times and minimal replacement costs.

    The Aqua-Mizer requires minimal maintenance, needs no external power and needs no back-
    flushing, saving you time, money, energy and water.

    The Aqua-Mizer has a small footprint.  It fits easily under kitchen and bathroom sinks, in
    RV's, in sail and power boats, anywhere you choose to have clean water with no waste.

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The Aqua-Mizer
A common-sense, highly
efficient, reliable, filter system
that provides you with mineral
rich clean natural water with
absolutely no water waste.
About Water Filter Systems

The typical water system sold in the big box stores start at a single stage catch-all type of
arrangement, which are a compromise on several levels, but are attractively priced.  The next level are
basic two stage units that are essentially a sediment and carbon filter setup.  Be aware that not all
sediment and carbon filters are alike...there are low to high-end units...these basic units typically come
with less expensive filters which do not provide as good a service and need to be replaced more often.

The first truly beneficial units are the 3 or 4 stage reverse osmosis (RO) units, which will provide you
with truly clean water...but at a cost.  The downside to RO units is that they essentially strip
everything from the water - include the natural and beneficial minerals - at a tremendous cost of
water.... as typical RO units use up to 4 gallons of water to make 1 gallon of clean water.  Also filter
costs and membrane costs add to the overall inefficiency of this type of system.
The Optimal Water Filter System

For many years I've searched for the optimum unit.... a unit that would provides clean water, That
does NOT waste ANY water, is reasonably priced, is reliable and is not expensive to service.  By
combining several unique filtration hardware and filter options I created what I consider the optimal
water filter unit.

This unit produces consistently clean water...wastes no water...requires no electricity...requires
minimal maintenance...and is very inexpensive to service.   

The core of this system is the high quality filters.  

The first stage is a sediment filter which has a pleated, cellulose free, 100% polypropylene synthetic
design that is washable and thus reusable. This type of construction provides much more filtering
surface area and allows the filter to hold more debris without collapsing.  This cartridge is available in
either a 1 or 5 micron size, with most applications such as those on municipal water systems using
the 5 micron.  The 1 micron is recommended for wells and unknown water situations such as those
encountered RVing or boating where more debris might be prevalent.

The second stage is a solid block activated carbon construction which is very effective at removing a
host of impurities, especially chlorine.  This filter is the only one that needs to be replaced, with a
service life of 3,000 gallons.

The third stage is a very unique filter and the heart of this custom designed filter system.  It is a self-
sterilizing ceramic filter that can be washed and re-used over and over again to provide absolute
micron filtration down to .9 microns. The ceramic shell is silver impregnated ceramic which provides for
a consistent and controlled pore structure increasing efficiency of this sub-micron filtration filter.

This cartridge is NSF Certified Standard 42 & 53 for the reduction of:
  • particulates (Class I)
  • 99.99% Cyst (Cryptosporidium & Giardia)
  • 99.69% Turbidity
  • 99.99% Harmful Bacteria (E. Coli, Cholera, Shigella, Salmonella, Klebsiella)
  • >98% Efficiency at 0.2 micron
  • >90% Efficiency at 0.05 micron
  • 100% Absolute Filtration efficiency at 0.9 Micron.

The flow rate of the ceramic filter can be easily renewed by simply brushing its outer surface with a
stiff toothbrush, plastic brush or soft scouring pad under running water. As the top layer of ceramic
and the contaminants are brushed off and flushed away, a new layer becomes available. With the
supplied cartridge this process can be repeated over 100 times and or when the diameter of the
element reaches 1.75 inches.

This combination of filters gives you a the best of everything; size, functionality, low maintenance, low
cost and NO water waste.
Optional Dedicated Faucet

There are basically two ways to deliver the cleaned water, through an existing cold water faucet or
through a separate dedicated faucet.  I choose to use the existing kitchen faucet because I want the
cleaned water available for anything that I cook or eat with....and yes, it will use the filters more,
that's the reason for it in the first place.

If you choose to use a dedicated faucet I have included two on the Order Page.  They comes with
everything you need to install them.  These are the non-air gap type, which means it only has one line
going into it...there is no return line.

The standard faucet is a good quality basic unit that will provide you good service.  The "coke" type is
a designer faucet that features a 1/4 turn ceramic disc valve and a solid metal handle.  See the order
page for detailed information on each faucet.
Pleated synthetic
washable reusable
Sediment Filter
Washable Reusable
Ceramic Filter
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